Duo-Therm ® DELUXE: Efficient, Economic, Ecologic.

Three factors that contribute for the Duo-Therm system economy:

The Duo-Therm stone radiators should always be installed in interior walls as these serve as latent heat accumulators.

The Duo-Therm heating system does not require a separate room for the installation of a boiler and/or an oil deposit, nor any gas piping which may pose a risk of exploding, nor a chimney and it does not require any kind of maintenance.

This system requires a full 2ºC less ambient temperature to achieve the same thermal comfort as traditional convection-based systems.

Reduction in energy consumption: heating a room for a full 24 hours requires energy consumption during only 6 to 8 hours of that time. The desired ambient temperature is regulated via a thermostat.

The Duo-Therm ® heating system provides high levels of thermal comfort.

The thermal comfort is defined by 4 primary variables: air temperature, relative humidity, air motion, and mean radiant temperature.

Duo-Therm ® DELUXE, as a radiating heating system, ensures ideal values for all of these variables.

Conventional acclimatisation systems establish an ambient temperature through the transference of predominantly connective heat. On the other hand, and as its name suggests, radiation based systems are able to maintain thermal comfort through the transfer of heat by radiation. A distinct advantage of such a system is its ability to transfer heat throughout a room without using the movement of the air as a mode of transport.

Duo-Therm DELUXE: A Decorative Element

A heating system that uses natural stone brings together comfort and good looks. Such a system is integrated into your home's own decorative style in a harmonious manner.

The Duo-Thermo system offers a wide range of colours and textures for its clients to chose from (in both marble and granite), thus facilitating its integration within any home's particular decorative style.

Aesthetics alternatives:

01. Efficiency

Efficient, Economic, Ecologic

Duo-Therm ® - electric energy is 100% transformed into thermal energy.

02. Comfort

Thermal comfort

Duo-Therm ® DELUXE
assures ideal values of thermal comfort.

03. Design


A heating system that uses natural stone brings together comfort and good looks.


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