Duo-Thermo. Presentation.


The Duo-Thermo company has had a presence in Portugal since 1998 acting as the representative and installer of a unique heating system developed and patented in Germany, and, since 01 de Outubro de 2003, as manufacturer of Duo-Therm® system and representant of Etherma, an austrian company who produces underfloor heating, mirror heaters, towel dryers.

The General-Manager, Mr. Paul J. Baltes, has generated great interest in this market, progressively adapting the system to the needs and tastes of its customers, a process that has greatly enhanced the overall aesthetic quality of the system and the possibility of integrating the Duo-Therm ® system in virtually any style of home, office or public building. The last version is Duo-Therm ® DELUXE, european patent, with the application of nanotechnology, that ensures a significant reduction of electric consumption and the encrease of efficiency.

Along with these heating systems, Duo-Thermo comercialize since 2009 infrared radiators, ideals for outdoor heating.

Duo-Therm ® Heating System:

The system exists in Germany since 1979. Its widespread acceptance in northern countries has been a great success story.

Not only because it has met the demands of individuals and populations already accustomed to high-quality thermal comfort over the centuries but also because it has surpassed classical systems in what concerns the quality of the environment produced, the level of energy consumption as well as its practical and clean nature and the fact that it requires no maintenance whatsoever.

  • Practical - no maintenance needed;
  • Clean – no CO2 emission
  • Aesthetic - decorative functionality
  • Ecologic – 100% environmentally friendly
  • Healthy – therapeutic effects

Duo-Therm ® DELUXE

An efficient heating system composed by a tempered glass surface (which integrates the nanoparticles electric resistence) and a natural stone slab as a decorative element and heat accumulator. DELUXE version allowed to reduce the electric consumption with 20%.

Ecological Heating

Duo-Therm ® is a german heating system which exists on the northern countries markets for more tahn 30 years.

Maximum comfort with minimum consumption.
High capacity of heat accumulation.
100% environmentally friendly.