Energy Consumption

A house that has been insulated according to modern construction methods and with an interior height of 2,5 to 2,7 m requires between 50 and 70 W of energy to heat each square meter to an ambient temperature of approximately 20ºC. Thanks to its capacity to accumulate heat and its ability to control the ambient temperature using its thermostat, the Duo-Thermo system consumes energy only 33% of the time it is turned on. In other words, if the system is left on for a full 24 hours, it will only consume energy for 8 hours of that time.

Calculations: 45W/m2 x 8h = 360W/day
360W/day x 120 days = 43200W or 43,2 KW/year
With a two-rate (day-night) counter 1KW/h costs on average 0,13 € (Night-time tariff: 0,085 €/Kw/h Daytime tariff: 0,145 €/KW/h).
43,2 KW/year/m2 x 0,108 €/KW/h = 4,67 € per year to heat 1 m2.

(assuming that the system will be in use 4 months per year).

Distribution of the Duo-Therm stone radiators in a home with an area of approximately 100 m2

Total number of stone radiators:

  • 2 x 900W
  • 4 x 650W
  • 1 x 375W

Total power: 4.800 W

In order to take full advantage of the heat accumulated by the walls, the Duo-Therm heater is always installed in interior walls.

Ecological Heating

Duo-Therm ® is a german heating system which exists on the northern countries markets for more tahn 30 years.

Maximum comfort with minimum consumption.
High capacity of heat accumulation.
100% environmentally friendly.