Technical Information

Our objective is clear:

to explain, from a technical point of view, the uses and/or applications of our products in a simple, clear cut manner that is easily accessible to all users.

Our aim is to address the essential points to consider during the projection, installation and utilisation phases of the Duo-Thermo system.This system is different from other available systems: DT has been planned and built to obtain above average results, thus providing its clients with a performance characterised by both extraordinary dependability and durability.

Basically, the Duo-Thermo heating system that we present here can be described in three short words: Simple, Efficient and Reliable..

Thermographic images

The thermographic images show the calorific energy accumulated over an 8 h period by an interior wall equipped with an 800W stone radiator that is, in turn, regulated by a thermostat. The wall accumulates 6,4 KW of calorific energy during the above mentioned time period while the interior walls superficial temperature never exceeds an average of 2K in comparison with the ambient temperature.

Why install the DT system in interior walls? The walls serve as heat accumulators. The heat released by the DT radiator is distributed uniformly in all directions. Applying the radiator to an interior wall all the energy expended shall go towards heating the room, thereby effectively preventing the heat from escaping directly to the house's exterior.

Numerous thermography study, carried out by the TÜV (Europe's largest Quality control body) has allowed us to calculate that roughly 25% of the heat energy generated by the DT system is transmitted to the opposite side of the installation wall, built of common brick (as are the vast majority of interior walls).

Installation of the DT system in homes without pre-installation

In homes that have already been built without integrating the DT system it is important to consider the already existent electrical installations before installing the system. In such cases, verification of the control cabinet is a priority. The next step (particularly in the case of very old homes) is to verify whether the electric conductors have the correct cross section to support the necessary electric charge.

As a last resort, and to ensure that the connections were correctly made, it is possible to create two, three or more dedicated circuits with the installation of a parallel control cabinet.

Electrical Feeder Installation (pre-installation)

Prior to installing the DT heating system it is essential that you consider three important aspects:

  • The size of the standpipe (collective building). The section of the standpipe should be determined taking into consideration total simultaneity of energy use related to the heating system, although the power calculated for the public distributor may by lower.
  • Power Installed. Independent circuits should be installed to feed the heating system. Each exit circuit connected to the home's control cabinet (if it is 16A) should supply a maximum of 3 to 4 stone radiators - up to 3000W.
  • Power contracted. At least equal to the power required to keep the heating system working to full capacity. Recommended: Paq.+3KVA.

Example: a 140 m2 two-bedroom (T3) apartment. Power (average): 7000W (probably 8 radiators).Sensible Option 3 independent circuits.

Points to consider about the DT heating system

Power/Geographic area 55 kca-64 w/m2 60 kca-70 w/m2 65 kca-76 w/m2 70 kca-82 w/m2
Deluxe 375W 8-9 m2 7-8,5 m2 6,5-7,5 m2 6-7 m2
Deluxe 650W 14-16 m2 13,5-15 m2 10,5-12,5 m2 10-11,5 m2
Deluxe 900W 19,5-22 m2 18-20 m2 16,5-18 m2 14,5-17 m2

Prior to installing any good heating system. And regardless of the energy used, it is essential that your home have a good thermal isolation. Any number of radiators may be installed. However, if the dimensions of the spaces have not been accurately calculated, the efficiency and profitability of this system may be compromised. Therefore the Duo-Thermo system pays special attention to the process of calculating the power which is to be installed.

Ecological Heating

Duo-Therm ® is a german heating system which exists on the northern countries markets for more tahn 30 years.

Maximum comfort with minimum consumption.
High capacity of heat accumulation.
100% environmentally friendly.